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  • Crowdfund with us

    Help us design and crowdfund for an innovative pod to take into community spaces where it becomes an enticing micro-market complete with cooking demonstration & information areas.

    Our pop-up stall will displays healthy fruit & vegetables at the heart of communities. We aim to improve health & well-being by giving access to affordable fresh produce to those needing it most.

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  • Great fresh produce!

    Our stalls and home deliveries are in full swing!. High quality fresh produce is available throughout Hackney and the City of London from our weekly fresh produce stalls in four different locations.

    Click 'read more' to see our calendar to see which is nearest to you.

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  • Help get things done!

    We are looking for people to help out with our fundrasing, at our food stalls, with deliveries & research and administration at the office.

    Work with us to understand and tackle the challenges of limited access to fresh produce, poor nutrition & build food resilience. Learn new skills, meet new people and build the community. Click on the volunteer tab at the top right of this page.

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About ELFA

East London Food Access (ELFA) Ltd promotes access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables throughout London. ELFA was formed in response to the growth of areas of 'Food Poverty' in East London, areas where good quality fresh fruit and vegetables were no longer available at an affordable price to many.

We are a Social Enterprise, a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. We are driven by our twin aims to develop a local infrastructure to reduce 'Food Poverty',and encourage local residents within the communities to improve their own and others health and well-being. We co-ordinate and support fresh produce stalls throughout Hackney and the City of London as well as collaborative buying groups, all operated by ELFA staff and volunteers.

ELFA is the most successful organisation of its type in the country.We deliberately targeted our stalls in areas of high deprivation. The localities in which we operate, although physically regenerated, remain homes to residents facing disadvantage measured by income and/or limiting disability.

Many of our elderly customers simply cannot carry their bags home, our volunteers do that for them. Many parents with children bring a banknote with them and spend every penny on fresh produce. In the first week of the month they spend £20, by the last week its just £5. We are researching the best way to support those who seeking help from local Food Banks and developing collaborative buying groups in family settings.

Local volunteers are especially welcome.